Spotify appears to the world as the most important music platform today and millions of users attest to this. The mobile app is one of the most downloaded on Google Play and its constant renewals have managed to generate good reviews from its customers. Now, Spotify has decided to renew its aesthetic again by integrating a new design that highlights podcasts as the main function. Podcasts are nothing new in Spotify Premium Free Apk, but they are one of the options best valued by users.

That is why the company has decided to renew the entire design of the app to give greater prominence to this functionality. From now on, everything is divided into two sections: Music and Podcasts Take a look at the new design! Spotify wants to highlight podcasts Spotify continues with its policy of changes and constant renewals to improve user interaction with the app.

This time we talk about a drastic change in design in which the company has decided to give more importance to podcasts. From now on, the "Your Library" section is divided into two clearly differentiated columns: Music and Podcasts. Podcasts have become one of the most popular tools today.

The ability to listen to your favorite programs anytime you want has greatly improved user interaction with this type of content. Therefore, this section should be differentiated from the rest. Everyone knows that there are a large number of podcasts, and the best way to have everything in order is to separate them sharply from conventional music.

Now, Spotify has decided to integrate individual access to this service to avoid confusion. It is a redesign that is already being implemented in the Premium version of the app and that also integrates numerous categories so that users can differentiate the content by lists, albums, and artists in music, and by episodes, shows, and downloads in the podcast. From now on, Spotify makes it much easier for podcast lovers thanks to a renewal that has been suggested for a long time. Remember that the three-month offer for one euro is still available if you are a student ...